by Tanda Gmiter,

By David Stokes/Stokes Media House Inc.

APOSTLE ISLANDS, LAKE SUPERIOR – A lake trout that hatched at least 46 years ago was caught and released in western Lake Superior this month by Wisconsin DNR fisheries crews doing survey work near the Gull Island Shoal fish refuge.

And while the trout’s age may be amazing – it was a hatched when Richard Nixon was president and around the time John Lennon wrote his iconic “Imagine” – fisheries experts say its longevity is a testament to the safe spaces created for Superior’s fish.

“We often think of a fish’s lifespan being relatively short, maybe 10 years,” Terry Margenau, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fisheries supervisor, said in a news release. “But lake trout are slow-growing and have a longevity that will rival that of the ancient sturgeon.

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