Ann Arbor, MI—The Lake Michigan Committee (LMC) has identified specific predator reductions for each Lake Michigan jurisdiction following its recently announced goal to reduce lakewide predator demand by the equivalent of 900,000 Chinook salmon by 2018. The five-member Lake Michigan Committee comprises all state management agencies that border Lake Michigan and the Chippewa-Ottawa Resource Authority. Recommendations from the committee represent the consensus of its members.

In working toward the 2018 goal, after much analysis and discussion, the Lake Michigan Committee has agreed to reduce stocking levels of a mix of predator species by 1.77 million. This number represents a 17% reduction from the 2013-2015 average lakewide stocking based on each jurisdiction’s targets. Consistent with these lakewide goals, plans released by the individual jurisdictions show that:

For 2018, Michigan would reduce by 639,570 Chinook salmon, coho salmon, and lake trout (11% of all Michigan stocking);
Illinois would reduce by 83,824 Chinook salmon (15% of all Illinois stocking)
Indiana would reduce by 225,371 Chinook salmon and lake trout (21% of all Indiana stocking).
For 2017, Wisconsin would reduce by 818,626 lake trout and brown trout (25% of all Wisconsin stocking). The state will continue to work with stakeholders to develop 2018 stocking plans.
During the next year, the LMC will continue to evaluate lake-wide data and discuss implementation options that will reduce the equivalent of an additional 50,000 Chinook salmon to meet the overall predator reduction target of 900,000 Chinook salmon-equivalents by 2018. Each jurisdiction has agreed in good faith to meet the intent of the two-year stocking reduction target.