Great Lakes Boating Federation: serving all recreational boaters on the Great Lakes

About the Federation

The Great Lakes Boating Federation is dedicated to serving recreational boaters on the Great Lakes and the inland waterways east of the Mississippi. These needs range from voicing freshwater boaters’ concerns in Washington, to providing member discounts at boating related businesses.

Unlike some national organizations, we believe that, to be truly effective, a boating organization must be willing to advance boater’s interests on a local, state, and regional level. The Federation is committed to defend boaters against any harsh and undue regulations affecting their ease and pleasure of boating. There are 4.3 million registered boaters on the Great Lakes, and the GLBF stands to give them a strong, unified voice.

The Federation is also committed to providing member discounts at the best vendors and providers of boating products and services. By partnering with businesses, we are able to provide privileges to our members while supporting the local economy.

Joining the GLBF membership supports both the organization and its cause, helping empower boaters specifically in the Great Lakes region. Boaters of the Sweetwater Seas can create a force to be reckoned with, if we act now and join together as one.


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